Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eternal Vigilance Is The Price of Not Being Lied About By Wikipedia

So what now?

This blogs stays up, of course, because at some point in time, someone "over there" will unlock my entry and make it editable again, and then the Goat Dancers and cyber-stalkers (or just plain malicious and hateful Wikipedia editors) will be back, and it will be all to do over again.

Fighting Wikipedia is like fighting crime or disease; you can win a temporary victory, but the problem is back the next day.

This is only the latest outbreak, and there will be more. Bear in mind that there have been "problems" with my entry, i.e. false and defamatory disinformation being published about me and hostile Induhviduals trying to seize control of my narrative, since it was brought to my attention in 2006.

One thing I learned during this latest outbreak is that I am by no means the only person who has been viciously and cynically smeared by lefty-lib and generally deranged Wikpedia "editors" posing as some kind of scholars or journalists. I have been introduced to a whole fascinating new world of information and potential to break one off up the internet's ass.

I remember the pre-Net days and yes, they were better. I would be perfectly willing to back to writing on an IBM Selectric and mailing newsletters with stamps on them if it meant somehow getting rid of the Net. I know that isn't possible, but when it comes to the internet I am a Luddite. I do not like the Pandora's box of human weakness and evil that the internet has opened, Wikipedia being just one symptom of a terrible pestilence.

-Harold A. Covington