Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Developments

I'm really curious: why does this "Michaelmas" character feel an apparently compulsive need to keep on making minor edits to my Wikipedia entry? He's locked the page, and yet he can't seem to stay away from it himself. What is this peculiar fascination I seem to exercise over lefty-libs?

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  1. Michaelmas is gaming the Wikipedia award and scoring system. Wikipedia gives out points and little merit badge like awards that show up on a Wikipedia user's profile page. He continually makes trivial and pointless tiny edits to articles, because each one of those gives him an "editing" point. He has an award for doing over 25,000 edits on Wikipedia. Yes, TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND edits. So basically this kook is spending his every free moment diddling with Wikipedia articles, so he can get a meaningless, valueless high score as a Wikipedian.